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The K N Toosi University of Technology (KNTU) is committed to providing state of the art education and innovation in research and technology. Building vital relationships with the expanding community locally, nationally and internationally and harnessing competences are integral parts of the activities at the KNTU.  More ...



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Who Was Khajeh Nasir AD-Din Toosi?

Khajeh Nasir Toosi, (born Feb. 18, 1201, Toos, Khorasan, Iran _ died June 26, 1274, Baghdad, Iraq), outstanding Persian philosopher, scientist and mathematician. Also, he Educated first in Ṭoos and finished his education in Neyshabur, Iran. Khajeh Nasir Toosi was a man of exceptionally wide erudition. He wrote approximately 150 books and made original contributions to Mathematics and Astronomy. His Zij-i Ilkhani (1271; “Ilkhan Tables”), based on research at the Maragheh observatory, is a splendidly accurate table of planetary movements. Toosi’s most influential book in the west may have been (“Treasury of astronomy”), which describes a geometric construction, now known as the Khajeh Nasir Toosi couple, for producing rectilinear motion from a point on one circle rolling inside another. By means of this construction, Toosi succeeded in reforming the Ptolemaic planetary models, producing a system in which all orbits are described by uniform circular motion. Most historians of Islamic astronomy believe that the planetary models developed at Maragheh found their way to Europe (perhaps via Byzantium) and provided Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543) with inspiration for his astronomical models.

University History

Khajeh Nassir Toosi (K. N. Toosi) University of Technology is a public, higher educational institution in Tehran, Iran. The university was founded in 1928 and was named the “Institute of communication”. This institute was merged with eight other institutes in 1979 to form a university complex known as K. N. Toosi University of technology. There are currently eleven faculties within the university which are located in five different campuses spread across Tehran. With more than 330 full-time faculty members and 7200 students, K. N. Toosi is ranked one of the highest instructor to student ratios in Iran. Moreover, the university is known for its excellent track record of research activities and industrial projects.


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